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Flash vs Photodex

BildspelPosted by Mikael Thu, July 12, 2007 11:00

Varför inte visa bildspelen i Flash istället för som nu i Photodex? Därför att filerna blir 10 gånger större med sämre kvalitet.

Bildspelet från Ven är drygt 9 minuter långt och visas i upplösningen 800x450 (16:9-format) vilket upptar ca 34 MB i Photodex-format, men 330 MB i Flash-format.

Flash kräver alltså 10 gånger mer bandbredd och lagringsutrymme...

Så enkelt är det.

MPEG-filen för samma bildspel är ca 1.1 GB stor och motsvarande DIVX-fil är ca 275 MB stor (båda med upplösningen 1280x720). Det är tydlig kvalitetsskillnad mellan MPEG-filen och DIVX-filen, det syns tydligt framförallt vid panoreringar och zoomningar i bilderna. MPEG-filen är otroligt fin, men DIVX-filen är bra den med. Men ingen av dessa går tyvärr att visa via webben.

Bildspel och Windows Vista

BildspelPosted by Mikael Mon, July 09, 2007 22:54

Jag fick följande instruktion direkt från Photodex, som gör den plugin som behövs för att titta på bildspelen, för er som kör Windows Vista:

Greetings Mikael,

Thank you for contacting Photodex Email Support. My apologies for the inconvenience. To fix this, first, have your clients log into the computer as the administrator.

Next, uninstall your previous version by going into the Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. There you will find: Photodex Presenter. Please select 'Change/Remove.' Download using Internet Explorer (since some browsers have download accelerators) the newest version from our website and save it to your desktop.

You can access the download directly from the following URL:

I recommend you save the installation file to your desktop to make this as easy as possible.

Restart your computer.

***If you are running Vista, please skip ahead to my Vista instructions***

Please make sure that your anti-virus software, spyware detectors, and firewalls are disabled or closed because they can interfere with the installation procedure. Run the installation file on your desktop and try to watch the show again.

*Vista Instructions:*

Microsoft has made some significant changes to the way user accounts and registry access are handled in their new OS.

You must install the program as an administrator. This can be done by right-clicking on the installation file and selecting "Install as Administrator".

If you continue to have difficulty please review and try the steps listed below.

You will need to allow the Photodex Presenter to run with elevated privileges. To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Right-click the Photodex Presenter executable that is not likely to have been assigned an administrative token (C:\Program Files\Photodex Presenter\pxplay.exe)

2. Click "Properties", and then select the "Compatibility" tab.

3. Under "Privilege Level", select "Run this program as an administrator", and then click "OK".

These steps should get things working properly for you. Please let me know if you need further assistance or have additional questions.



Photodex Corporation Support


Mikael Relbe wrote:

I am hearing from visitors of my web site, on which I have stored px-files, that the Proshow Presenter plugin does not seem to work in Windows Vista.

I then saw on you web page about the Presenter that it only supports WinXP and older OS (which I fortunately use; XP).

I am therefore just wondering if you plan to support Vista?

Mikael Relbe